Whatever the general crime rate in Kansas City may be, it sure is a dangerous place to play or watch baseball. 

In 2004, Indians rookie Kyle Denney was hit in the leg by a stray bullet while riding the team bus. Denney was ultimately OK, and the best part of the story wound up being the fact that this happened on the team's Rookie Hazing Day, so Denney was wearing go-go boots when he was shot. 

Amazingly, the absurdity of that incident has been topped with the latest Kansas City baseball-related shooting: the team is now being sued by a fan who was shot in the eye by Royals mascot Sluggerrr The Lion...with a hot dog. 

Sluggerrr was performing his usual routine in which he uses an air gun to shoot hot dogs into the crowd, and for some reason put down his hot dog gun and began tossing the wieners into the crowd by hand. It seems that Sluggerrr air-mailed one of his throws, and one of his projectiles caught a spectator by surprise and drilled the man right in the eye. 

The man is now suing the team for $25,000 for negligence and battery, claiming the hot dog that hit him in the eye resulted in a detached retina and the development of cataracts. 

No word on whether the alleged victim was wearing go-go boots this time.